Saturday, November 20, 2010


I wonder how many of our friends that are close in age to us (aged hippies) were anxious to see what I was going to blog about! oops.....TYPO error! I meant.....woodstack. Sorry but I couldn't resist! tee hee
I have been in to town a couple times and tried to get to the libary to blog. One time I actually made it but their internet was "down". This morning I only have a half hour so will have to quick get this ready. We have been busy putting our wood supply in.
There is a BIG pile that will have to be split but we will get to that later. We are just using the kitchen woodstove to heat the entire downstairs at this point. When it is really cold we will fire up the heating stove. It feels so good to enjoy the comfort of the wood heat. We love going after wood. Maybe in a few year it will no longer be fun but for now we are enjoying it.
Tomorrow we drive to Lincoln, NE and pick up our grandson, Reid. He will spend a couple days with us and then we drive to Kansas City and meet his aunt for the rest of the time. Hope to have a fresh turkey while he is here.
I probably won't be back in before Thanksgiving so wish everyone a blessed day. Take a few minutes and read Psalm 100. Peace.