Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My will power most likely will be tested this week. Desserts will abound at both my mother's and mother-in-law's. We are going to mom's tomorrow so that I can begin the big Thanksgiving feast preparation, including those darn desserts. Blueberry pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie and a pumpkin torte. LaVern favors the torte so it's a must. The snack table is ready and we could feast on just that! But I am determined to lose a couple pounds during this time period so goodbye desserts. I think I am over the "hump" as far as food is concerned. I don't think it will be an issue this year. Besides, I bought this wonderful new "used" dress that I can hardly wait to try on. Just need to get a few more pounds off. Why is it we gorge ourselves during the two upcoming holidays? I'm going for a long walk after dinner this year! How about you?

Friday, November 21, 2008


If people could look into my living room windows on some nights, they might think that I'm having a seance. What I like to do at night is to turn off all the lights, light candles and put on some soft music, Enya or something similar. Peaceful. I light tall candles, big fat ones, votives. I try not to set the house on fire.

LaVern got in to candle making two years ago so now he is my source for candles. If you know me, you know my "decorating" is purely primitive. You just can't go out in this area and buy one of those "grubby" candles. So he got interested and started experimenting. I LOVE my candles. Last year my best friend and LaVern got together to make candles using crush charcoal!! When I went out to the work shop to check on the progress I had to take a picture. Their faces were smudged with charcoal as well as the candles. But they turned out great. Warmth comes in all sizes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Even here in rural Kansas people have an opinion of the bailouts. There will be no easy answer. I'm just thankful we have voted people into the offices that hopefully will be able to discuss all the options and make a decision that will help all of the U.S. This is definitely a time to look around you and extend a helping hand to those in need; unemployed, depressed people, homeless. Continue to buy when you can. Pay it forward always. Pray.

Monday, November 17, 2008


The eggplant. I had to look this one up! Recently was looking at some clothing and the top was described as an aubergine turtleneck. Well, it looked like a regular turtleneck to me and I thought aubergine must be a new style. Silly me! It is actually used to describe the color, that of an eggplant. Purplish brown. My vocabulary continues to increase.

When Jack Metcalf (I purchased the business from him, my friend) was still alive I would be priviledged to sit in on many interesting conversations that he had with various other individuals. Jack was a logophile. Lover of words. Sometimes in conversation with me a word was used and I was clueless. Jack would have me look it up in several different dictionaries to learn the meaning. I have a small notebook that I write those new words and their meanings in. Aubergine will be added.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mark 12:28-31

Perfect morning. Left at dawn for my 3 mile walk at the park. Still had light from the full moon. 28 degrees, no wind. Owyn happy to be along. Overdressed. Took sweatshirt off. Wildlife on the move. Still. Quiet. So I ran. Have lost 40 pounds with 60 to go but still I ran. Tears of joy. Made 1 1/2 miles..... Jesus, I said I loved you but I lied. 'cause this is more than love I feel inside. Said I loved you but I was wrong. 'cause love can never ever feel so strong. You are the one!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Basket Weaving

The class was wonderful and I still can't believe we made both of these baskets in two days! The willow was organically grown by our instructor. She was an excellant teacher and we had a great time both days. My forearms are sore. Used muscles I obviously haven't used for a while. The gathering basket is quite large. I intend to use both baskets. One gal made a lid for her herb pouch and was going to use it for her purse! I'm pretty sure I could not start another at home without instruction but would go again to her class if she comes back next year. It is awesome when we have the chance to do something like this with a nationally known basket weaver and author just an hours time away from home. The Dane Hansen Museum is very unique. Oh, the security guard pictured with us......he is a wax figure!