Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cajun fun

We made a fast trip back to western Nebraska and picked up our 9 year old grandson, Reid.  He will stay a few weeks with us.  Already we have had several adventures and created new memories.  I told him that it would be fun to go to Louisiana but since we couldn't do that we would bring it to us.  He made fish from construction paper and hung them under the roof that covers the deck (didn't get them in the picture).  We covered the table with freezer paper.  Finger bowls with water, plastic bibs, melted butter in individual bowls and cajun music playing set the mood.  I made a big pot of shrimp boil; shrimp,  new potatoes, onion, chunks of smoked sausage, small chunks of corn on the cob....all cooked in cajun spice.  Then I just dumped it on the table and you dig silverware!!  lolol  We tapped our feet to Cajun Bayou by Buckwheat Zydeco, laughed and dripped butter all over our bibs! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Floor is finished

The floor to the Sheep Shed is installed!  Hooray!  It is all used pine tongue/groove flooring and was quite a task to install.  LaVern has the wall laid out on the floor next to the trailer and is ready to construct the it on the trailer once we determine the placement of windows and doors.  Can't wait for you to see the doors, salvage, of course but perfect for this moving booth.   
Here is a picture of the chicken feeder that LaVern made.  I love it!  Doesn't take up any space and will be easy to keep clean.  I was using the old wood chicken feeder with the perches but this is so much better.  I love it when other people come up with these great ideas!!  My hens love them too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


How often during the day do you hear, "I don't have enough time. Take time to do this or that.  If only I had more time."?  Daniel (age 16), our Amish neighbor was over to our place last evening helping with some projects.  He and LaVern came in to the house for a glass of water.  Upon leaving Daniel saw our clock on the wall and said to LaVern, "Whose time is that, yours or God's?"  LaVern said that later on he gave that some thought and realized that it is all God's time.  Isaiah 49:8..."In the time of my favor I will answer you.."  Doesn't matter what the clock says. There is a time for everything and the hands of that time are God's.  Whose time are you on?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Waste not that backing

I try to use, reuse, recycle and repurpose everything that I can and that holds true to rug hooking also.  When you are finished hooking a rug or small piece one always has those big corners and sides of backing that will be cut away and typically discarded.  You can use those pieces also.  I love them for making mug rugs and pins to keep on hand for gifts!  I save the salvage edges of my wool and use those for the strips to hold the pieces of backing to my frame and then hook away.  Sometimes I will hook those corners right after I finish a big piece but if I'm pressed for time I just save the sides for a day I need a break from hooking something larger.  The mug rugs and pins go fast!  I need to get a closeup picture of the sunflower pin with the santa mug rug and tree rug.  I had some leftover brown burlap (think I picked it up at the thrift store) and I pulled the strands apart.  Then I took 4-5 strips of the burlap, held altogether, and hooked the center of the sunflower!  Love the texture that it has, almost like a real flower.  I am going to hook a small mat and use burlap strings entirely.  Want to dye a bit of it first.  Hope your day is full of joy.
Just picked a bowl full of fresh strawberries!  I made LaVern's favorite shortcake so you know what we will have for dessert at lunch!  We will eat them fresh until we can't keep up and then I will can some.  They are really early this year as usually it is mid June before they are ready and I have a grandson or two here to help eat them.  I introduced the boys to strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar.  I thought they'd get sick for sure they ate so many that way! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sheep Shed affirmation

I believe that we are continually affirming subconsciously with our thoughts and words and that this flow of affirmations is creating some of our life experiences in every moment.  The idea of the Sheep Shed was affirmed (physically) for me with this print.  Wait.  Let me back up and tell the whole story.  Twice a year I take part in the antique/flea market show in Sparks, KS.  I have a 20x30 booth and I take two Ezy-Up tents.  These tents are NOT easy up but they are, for the most part, rain proof.  Unless you have a downpour rain and then the east half of my booth space is ankle deep in water.  Ugh.  Not a fun thing to deal with and it takes several hours for the water to leave.  But I love this space and my neighboring vendors so I really want to stay there.  I now have lots of repeat customers also so moving wouldn't be in my best interest.  LaVern ususally stays home and works the first two days of the show and comes down for the last two days.  This (unfortunately for him) leaves me with time to think!!  Once again this past show I was flooded and dealt with moving stuff to keep it from getting wet and then the mud.  The sides of the tents also end of being a mess and have to be cleaned after I get home.  I was thinking (uh oh) that there has to be a better way.  My neighboring vendors across from my booth are under a permanent booth, tin shed.  The chances of a booth opening up there are slim to none.  So, why not bring my own shed!  Thus the idea of a Sheep Shed was born AND LaVern can build ANYTHING.  As I was pondering all this, I gave it all over to the Lord and waited for confirmation.  We were at a slow point during the show when Ken and Nan (vendors across the way and good friends) asked me if I had seen this picture in their booth.  Now I have been in and out of their booth a zillion times and missed it.  They have had it at the show before.  I bought it on the spot.  Sorry my photo doesn't show it well but it is a herd of sheep and the person in the background sure appears to be a shepherdess.  It is a very old print and I found a signature at the bottom.  This is so interesting.  Artist's name was Joseph Farquharson who was born in 1846 in Scotland.  He had a prolific life as a painter and primarily painted sheep.  He even constructed a painting hut on wheels (Sheep Shed) that was complete with a stove and large glass window from which to observe the landscape.  My picture is called Leaving the Hills.  His paintings are now reproduced and sold.  Several years ago I saw one and bought it and hung it in my real estate office!  I had no idea this was the same artist when I saw this print.  The Sheep Shed is coming together and I am amazed at how it is all falling in place.  The perfect flatbed was found on Craigslist and we had the perfect doors and windows out in the barn.  I tell people that I ask God to send me an electric sign as I struggle with "is this my idea or His".  I think I received an electric sign on this one!  Sheep Shed................affirmed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surprise in the wood box

Last Monday morning, early, LaVern calls me out to the porch where we have a big wood box that holds firewood during the winter months.  It sits empty now, well, almost.  One of our farm cats jumped in the box and had 5 baby kittens!   She is a dark colored cat and 2 babies are dark, 1 tiger striped and 2 orange ones!  I have no idea why she chose that place when we have a big barn with hay.  LaVern placed a board over one end to kind of seclude them.  Ocassionally I can hear them mewing when I have the door open. 
Trying to get back in to a routine since getting home from Sparks, KS.  Had a great show again but the weather wasn't the best.  Storms with rain each night and one early morning a downpour which left the east side of my booth ankle deep in water,  Ugh.  This happened last year also so it wasn't unexpected.  Really like the spot so don't want to move but we need a different plan for a booth.  We may have an idea and I'll keep you posted.  Don't want to give away too much just yet!  lol  I have been driving the Amish work crew every day since I got back so staying busy.  Hooking a few things and will try to post pictures of that.  I need to go out and shut the hens up for the night and check on the ponies.  LaVern is in to work tonight as he is stripping and waxing the kitchen floors and needs to do it when everyone is gone.  Don't think I'll be able to wait up as my eyes are trying to close now.  Been on a routine of getting up at 4 AM so by 9 I am ready for bed!  nite

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hooked put together

Wish the picture was better but anyway, I took what I think was some sort of frame, possibly a door off something, and I put two different 1800's prints in front of fabric.  The bottom one doesn't show but it is of two children reading a book with a sheep pull toy along side them.  The middle space did not have any glass so I hooked the sheep on dark brown burlap and he went in there.   I'll try to get a better picture later as I sure don't have time right now!  lol  Just getting outside my box and doing something different.  I used this funky yarn from Mountain Colors to hook the sheep body so up close he looks like he has all sorts of kinky, curly hair.  Really turned out great. 
Must run.  Wooly hugs.

Cutting it close

I wanted a neutral plain background for this rug and when I laid it out I thought it should be enough.  Oh, my, it was close!  Those few little pieces at the top of the rug was all that I had left.  As I neared the end I thought for sure I was going to have to "make do" and just put something else in but just had enough.  Cut in a 9 again so very "prim".  PC doesn't show the colors well.  I was hoping for something muted and not many colors.  Trying to get that "early" look where they didn't have alot of wool to choose from.  At least the "plains" women wouldn't have had much.  I think the women of wealth on the east coast hooked with more variety and you see a lot of traditional rugs from there.  I know I'm not there yet but eventually I want a "make do" with what you have look and simple patterns.  Learning more as I go along and that is what's fun.  I am packing for the Sparks, KS flea market/antique show that starts Thursday.  Great show and I enjoy the crowds, my dealer neighbors and camping out.  Pictures when I get home.  Oh, have something else to show so will go take a picture and get it posted.  :-)