Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wool Room - Part 2

More fun, fun cupboards for wool. The one just above is a make do that I put together. Bought the drawers separate and later found the other piece to put them in! The stepback cupboard is a favorite and I have some of my overdyed wools in it. As you can see I love baskets and little benches! We are to get rain once again so maybe I will get some hooking done. We were drenched with 6 inches last week. My garden does NOT need more rain! Hope to get to an auction on Saturday if it doesn't get rained out. Going to check out Wildblue and see about getting the Internet at home. !!! Stay tuned as I may be blogging everyday again soon!

Wool Room - Part 1

I don't think I ever posted pictures of my wool room so here you go! This room is upstairs and in the middle. I have LOTS of wool and just love going up there to relax and hook. This morning I woke up with a terrible headache, ole knot in the neck kind of headache. So at 3 AM I headed up with a cup of tea and "played" in my wool. The cupboard above is one that DH made. We used a new screen door, painted it and then he built the cupboard around it. It is great for the wool since it needs to "breathe" and not be enclosed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ten minutes

I have ten minutes until the library closes! I am sitting here listening to their weather radio broadcasting a tornado west of us about 20 miles. We had a thunderstorm earlier that dumped over an inch of rain. Lots of thunder and lightening so Owyn was under our bed. LaVern's work is having a potluck tonight for the residents and their families so thought I would attend. Made a quick stop at the library. I really need to bite the bullet and pay for Internet at home. Ugh, just hate the cost but I miss blogging and just have not been keeping up with all that is going on. The show was a great success so I signed up for the fall one! Now I need to be looking for some more inventory. Just can't pick up the phone and order in primitives!!
I've been in the garden for the last three days. Will blog more on that later. Best finish so the librarian can go home! Peace and joy.