Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sign of spring

The first killdeer was sighted and reported by one of our Amish neighbors. They say spring is just around the corner. My mother always said that after the first robin is seen we will have one more snow and then spring. We are getting the snow this weekend so spring is on its way as I saw the robin just this past week.
The killdeer are migrating and usually are in southern Canada by early March. I didn't know that they travel day and night and sometimes can be heard on a moon lit night. I'll have to pay attention to that on the next full moon!
March 1 isn't until Monday so the spotted killdeer is early. Maybe spring will be early afterall!
Take joy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take time to rest

That's all I have been doing, resting. Yes, I got one of those cold virus strains a week ago or more. Started out with a sore throat and then the head congestion and cough. One day I think I just laid in bed most of the day and rested! I haven't had a cold in a long time but this one made up for all the ones I missed. And of course I was miles from town and no zinc. Zinc usually lessons my illness symptoms and length whereas LaVern takes lots of vitamin C. During this time I had two of our grandchildren. Sure hope I didn't send it home with them. At least while they were here they kept me moving! One evening we told LaVern we made cookies and because I didn't have enough chocolate chips we had to make do with butterscotch chips. LaVern's favorite is the chocolate chip and he must have made a whiney noise (in fun) about it. Gavin (age 6) promptly said, "Grandpa, you git what you git and better not whine about it"!!!!!
ha ha ha I wonder where he has heard that! LaVern got a big kick out of it.
It wasn't the best weather while they were here so Saturday we spent alot of the day inside playing games. Finally I had to get out so we put on our stocking caps and gassed up the lawn mower. Oh, what fun! I pulled them in the wagon (in high gear) across as many ruts as I could find. They both were back there laughing their little heads off. Now I am resting.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stretch like a cat

This morning I woke up our barn cat who had been sleeping soundly on a bale of hay. She yawned and stretched out with long legs and torso. Cats know the wisdom of stretching. I think stretching is good for we humans also. Stretch your body with a good yawn and a big stretch (this is an especially good idea if you've been hunched over a computer reading blogs or facebooking). You might even stretch your mind with stimulating conversation, a challenging puzzle (I have been doing this) or a new idea (LaVern will tell you I do TOO MUCH of this). Don't forget to stretch you spirit!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pickup shopping

It is 8 AM and we are in Creston at a Hardee's. Stopped here so I could get on the internet and do some price checking on Kelley Blue Book and NADA. We are driving to Des Moines today to look for a pickup. Our poor old 1993 is telling us it is tired, ie; transmission and or 4WD. We are looking at a 2004!! That will be so "new" for us! ha ha I do all of the "dealing". LaVern just looks at the vehicle and tells me that is the one and then he leaves while I do the trading! I love it! I have bought all our vehicles during our married life and I can tell you some real dandy stories. But no time today!! Sorry so long in not blogging but I have been home without a vehicle. LaVern has been driving the pickup to work. One of our sons had a breakdown with his truck so we took the car up to him. He drives 30 miles to work one way so needless to say he has enjoyed driving the ole Buick to work. It ususally gets 27 mpg on the highway.
Well, must run and look at a couple maps before we go. Enjoy your weather if you are getting what we are...............suppose to reach 60 next week! Hurrah! Goodbye snow.