Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring storms

Rain, thunder, lightning, hail, wind and tornadoes. Yes, spring is officially here! Tornadoes were north of us in Creston, about 30 miles. Haven't heard of alot of damage. We had alittle rain and hail. It had been warm, 70 degrees all day so a cold front came down and the storms sure fired up.
I made a quick trip to town to run a few errands. Stopped at the thrift store and found a book (1957) by Tasha Tudor!! I could hardly believe it! What a find! 25 cents!
Now I am at the library on their computer for a quick blog and then home.
I am trying to get things ready for a show the end of April near St. Joe, MO. Flea market and antique show. I will take primitives and my rugs. Of course, all the furniture has been in the barn and needs to be cleaned, repaired and waxed. Some will get a paint/distressed job. As I have been getting it ready I put it in the enclosed trailer. Soon we will have to unload it so that LaVern can start packing it. It is a four day show and my booth space is like 20x40 so I need lots of inventory. I'm thankful I started when I did.
Best get back home and get some more done. Take joy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

King Tut

I think what we have is a Narragansett heritage turkey, tom and 2 hens! I am excited as this breed is kind of rare. Bought them from an Amish farmer who couldn't remember what they were. I wanted a heritage turkey so that they will reproduce. LaVern named the tom, King Tut. Not sure why! They are all young turkeys but the tom was with several others and a BIG one had been ruling the roost. King Tut is now the "king" and he sure struts his stuff. We are free ranging them. Hopefully in the next couple weeks the hens will lay and sit on eggs. They fly up to the chicken house or milk house to roost at night. What a hoot! I'll have to try to get a video of this guy and try to post it here so you can hear him gobble.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Movie to watch---girls!

We have not had what most would call "real" TV in years. No cable, no dish and for a long time, no TV. But upon moving to Iowa we did buy and put up an antenna hoping to at least pick up one channel for the news and weather since we were new to the area. Occasionally we will put in a dvd and watch a movie. We refuse to pay for what is on TV these days. At my folks the TV is on from about 6 AM until 10 PM, nonstop. Usually the Animal channel, CNN or National Geographic. I don't mind NG until they start showing all the predators killing other animals or today it was snakes! So as soon as I knew both parents were down for their naps (sounds like the days of child rearing) I put dad's headphones on a watched a movie. Chick flick and be sure you have a box of kleenex close by. Now I am sure this movie is "old" since it is now on TV but I never saw it. "My Sister's Keeper". I don't usually recommend movies to watch as everyone's tastes are different but this was good.
In the mean time I am so thankful that I brought out some "hand work" (sewing) to do and there is a quiet place for me to go sit while my father solves the world's problems, bless his heart.

Appreciating darkness

Staying at my folk's in town and coming from living off grid, I have realized how much I really do appreciate the darkness especially at night. I love living in the country with no street lights and no yard light just total darkness. I carry a little led flashlight in my special pocket just in case I have to go out at night unexpectedly. Here it is lit up just by all the things plugged in!! For instance, in the kitchen there must be three lights on the refrigerator, then a night light, a light on the kitchen stove, two different coffee makers, the microwave and finally a clock. It would be interesting to go outside to the electric meter and take a look. I would imagine that thing is spinning around even now with everything "shut off".
I had to chuckle yesterday as my father was telling my mother that he read on the web that some guy that has predicted everything that has happened in the past is now predicting we are heading for "a crash". There won't be electricity, food, etc. He said the only way to survive is if you are on a farm. hmmm Dad looked at me and said that I was the only one in the family that probably has it all figured out! He wouldn't have said that a couple years ago when we told him what we were doing. I think even now he thinks the lights are off in my head. Just the way I like it!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surprise birthday for a dear friend

Nothing beats a surprise party for a friend, especially if you can keep it a surprise which is just what we did. I called Mary a few weeks ago and told her I thought I would come back to Kansas and surprise my friend Betsy for her birthday. Mary heartily agreed to help plan and pull it off. Of course the birthday was planned for today and the blizzard was forecasted for today! So I came out a day early to beat the storm and we moved up the surprise a day. Didn't know if that was going to happen as it was snowing some yesterday morning. We were sure Betsy was just going to cancel out and then I would have to load up Mary and all the food and drive to Betsy's and just show up on HER door step! ha As it was, she braved the weather and made the drive to Mary's. I was sitting up the road waiting (an hour) for her to come so I could then sneak in behind. Usually Betsy is ALWAYS early but wouldn't you was "delayed". Must be the old age has already set in! Finally the guest of honor was in the house so I snuck around and came in the back door singing Happy Birthday (not very well I might add). Should have been holding the camera ready for the shot when she saw me. Priceless. We had the BEST time as girlfriends do, laughing, being silly, sharing prayer and food around a special little table that Mary had set, of course all the homemade gifts. Then in the afternoon we dyed corn husks and hooked them into a rug. More on that later. Once again I am out here with no card reader so pictures will come later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETSY! One to remember!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow, oh snow

For the past couple weeks my dad has been telling me how nice the weather has been in Nebraska. I believe they even had a 70 degree day so I thought it would be a good time for a visit! I drove to McCook on Sunday and the weather forecast for tonight through tomorrow(Tuesday) is for a blizzard, 6 to 11 inches of snow with wind! Rain back home in Iowa :) Go figure. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Time to start those seeds

Since LaVern is back to working full time I will have to do all the gardening this year. He and I have different "styles" of gardening. LaVern has his tape measure and level and his rows are all neat and straight. The seeds are all in the ground under the same amount of dirt. I'm the sort of throw it on the ground and kick alittle dirt on it gardener. The same holds true with my flower gardens. I love the cottage gardens of lots of mixed flowers scattered. I noticed the other day a box of garden books yet to be unpacked so I dug them out. I best have them close at hand. I told LaVern that I was going to follow the Amish women this year. Last year it was such a wet spring but they somehow got their gardens in early and had beautiful crops. They are all getting ready to start seeds so it must be time. They do follow the moon, etc. I plan on buying the new Farmer's Almanac. They do plow their gardens in the fall and we were not able to do that as we planted rye in ours to try to get the soil alittle better. Our compost pile will help also. The green house is ready, just need those seeds.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just say no

LaVern has trouble saying no. He'll say yes to everything and everybody until he can't call his life his own. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's too "selfish" or something. But he is getting better and I've actually heard him say the word a time or two. No is an important word for your vocabulary. No can help you sort priorities so that YOUR time and energy are used for the highest purposes instead of being drained away. Honor what is important to you by being willing to "just say no".