Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sometimes rather than empty my mind of all thoughts, I like to daydream. I especially like to daydream while riding in the car on a long trip or while listening to music. I think daydreaming is important when you live in a society like ours that stresses that you always have to be realistic. I mean, get real! Dreams help me know who I am because anything is possible in a dream. Just imagine yourself in a different place. What do you see? Feel? Smell? Recently I daydreamed about a small log cabin, somewhere remote, where LaVern and I could live out our dream to be self sufficient. Living "green" and giving back to the earth. Imagine. Dream.


Anonymous said...

Here I thought your topic would be dogs !!
I daydream when I'm in the field riding the tractor.

carolyn said...

It works!! I think you told me that a good author ends a chapter with the reader wanting to go on. To find out what is next.