Thursday, September 4, 2008


What better "pick me up" then a bouquet of flowers and I especially enjoy them because we grow them in our gardens. When the flowers start to bloom LaVern picks a bouquet every Sunday and takes in to his mother in law. She, of course, is thrilled. We have a wide variety and it is relaxing to pick out zinnias, lilies, blackeyed susans for that perfect bouquet. I like to add some herbs or sweet annie to the bunch for color and scent. Then they go in a crock jar on the kitchen table. The rooms in our house are small so a small bouquet is perfect. Usually the kitchen table is a clear spot and the first thing you see when you step through the door. I think flowers are an expression of ourselves. I love an old chipped crocked jar filled with sunflowers or a rusted tin can with blackeyed susans. Yet that would be the LAST thing I would take to my mother! expression of yourself.

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