Friday, September 12, 2008


Do you write in a journal every day? I try to but don't always get it done. Problem with me is I have more than one journal. I have a camping journal, my everyday journal, a journal for my rug hooking adventures and then my "Jesus" journal. It's probably my most favorite. It was actually a small leather book about sea shells. Not in the best shape so no monetary value. But I like the tattered worn cover and the size. My friend Craig from Canada sent us a ruffed grouse feather lamenated. It is a special book marker for the "Jesus journal. I take plain paper and glue to the pages and write my own things. Prayers, scripture verses, thoughts, pictures of family scattered throughout. The small size is perfect for taking out to the park when I go for a long walk, find a stump to sit on and meditate. My grandmother Jass journaled every day. Sometimes it was just a line or two and maybe nothing more significant than the weather. Periodically I look back a few years in my journal and am amazed at the changes and how prayer was answered later on. I like to write until I have nothing more to say, then read what I've written and see where my thoughts have led me! I don't have to correct spelling mistakes, I can write outside the lines, no rushing. You don't have to buy a fancy journal just make your own as I did. Pick a book with a cover you enjoy and have fun. To journal is a good thing.

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