Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I love mystery books because they force me to pay attention to the story and nothing else. I try to solve the cases. I try NOT to read the ending first and usually I don't but I still have a relapse now and again. I like that the characters are fictitious. I can either deal with them or not. I am the type of book reader that by the second chapter I am either interested in it or it goes back to the library. I know that some books are slow to start and maybe by the 4th or 5th chaper they get good but I never get that far if it is a "slow read". I love reading any type of book not just mysteries but they are my favorite. It is sad that our libraries are not being used near as much as before computers came into our lives. Reading a book is like watching a movie in your mind. I give faces to some characters in the book and the show begins. Next time you find yourself flipping through the channels on TV, check out a book. You can still pick out "what you want to watch" in a book!

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