Monday, November 17, 2008


The eggplant. I had to look this one up! Recently was looking at some clothing and the top was described as an aubergine turtleneck. Well, it looked like a regular turtleneck to me and I thought aubergine must be a new style. Silly me! It is actually used to describe the color, that of an eggplant. Purplish brown. My vocabulary continues to increase.

When Jack Metcalf (I purchased the business from him, my friend) was still alive I would be priviledged to sit in on many interesting conversations that he had with various other individuals. Jack was a logophile. Lover of words. Sometimes in conversation with me a word was used and I was clueless. Jack would have me look it up in several different dictionaries to learn the meaning. I have a small notebook that I write those new words and their meanings in. Aubergine will be added.

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