Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuning up my brain

I just don't like it when I am not able to remember important things or events. I often wonder if it is the same with other people my age. Several friends have told me that it is. Recently several of us girls went out to the park for our daily one hour walk. "CR" always brings her dog who wears one of those shock collars. I think it is more of a precautionary thing. "CR" has a hand held gizmo that she carries and usually hooks it to her jeans. Well, about 20 minutes into our walk she suddenly realizes she does not have it. It is quite expensive so we abruptly turned around and started back. There were three of us looking. I kept asking "CR" if she was sure she had it with her. And yes, she remembered putting the antenna on. I reminded her she was my age and sometimes we have "flashbacks" where we thought we did something today but it actually was yesterday! No, she was certain. We got back to the vehicles and she looked in the back of hers where the bag was. Nothing. So back up the trail again to the point of turn around and then once again back we came. By then I am thinking, yup, she has had a flashback or possibly brain gas. We are laughing then. She is determined to find it on the trail. The dog doesn't seem to care at all. Back to her pickup. "CR" is tearing apart things in the back seat. Kim, in the mean time, looks in the front. There is the gizmo stuck in the tray...........where "CR" put it before getting out for the walk. Flashback, brain gas, age?? I followed her home in my vehicle just to be certain she remembered where she lived. Exercise your brain daily. Some day you will be glad you did.

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Anonymous said...

CR needs the collar.

CB needs the gizmo.

(Worked for me with MY kids!)