Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Buns of Steel

I am thinking that the term "buns of steel" must have originated many, many years ago when the milking stool was first made. How do I know this? After sitting on one for 4 days, hand picking the weeds out of the strawberry bed, I can safely tell you that I do NOT have buns of steel! Ouch! My behind is sore. I believe that a "double wide" milk stool needs to be designed. By this, I mean the top of the stool not the bottom. The positive side to this is that after 4 days I was quite adept at being able to lean forward or backward on that stool and stay seated and NOT fall over. Saved my back and I was close to the strawberries that had to be eaten less the birds get them. When we first arrived all I saw was a field of weeds about knee high. I was amazed at the wonderful plants once I started pulling the weeds. By the end we had 5 long rows of strawberries. Next year the crop should be tremendous as these plants were just put in a year ago. Maybe by next year the buns will be alittle more conditioned also.

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