Monday, August 10, 2009


This is a picture taken of the road, looking south from our driveway on the farm. When we purchased the place this area was overgrown with volunteer trees, brush, wild grapevines and wild rose vines. It hung clear out over the road. So when you wanted to leave our drive, you were risking your life as you could not see to the south if anyone was coming. This past weekend LaVern and I spent two days cutting down trees and clearing the brush. It was a jungle!! We used the pickup and chained the trees and limbs and drug them out. The positive, you can see down the road now. The negative, we uncovered wire, blocks, broken glass, an old garage door, pieces and parts of machinery! Yikes!

I felt really good that we worked two full days from early morning until 5:00 or so. That is until Saturday when our Amish neighbors to the east came by. One young man, Benjamin, with the buggy and he was also pulling a small trailer with a stock tank on it. His father and 3 of Benj's brothers were on a hayrack with a big driving team. We talked with them for a bit. They were on their way to gather hedge balls. This was at noon. They came back by at 8:00 pm!! They had a load of hedge balls. I felt like maybe we should go out and work a couple more hours!

It was sure satisfying to see the results of our hard labor. And the hot shower with the water heated by the sun was wonderful! (Betsy, this picture is for you!! Thanks for your help at the beginning of this)

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Anonymous said...

SUPER JOB. Sure looks great!!! What fun we had a few weeks ago. LOL Your Kindred Spirit.