Monday, October 26, 2009

Why organic?

If you are lucky enough to have an organic grocery store in your area, buy from them. Or maybe even directly from an organic farmer. I know, usually organic food is more expensive but consider the trade off. I personally believe that all the chemicals going in to our food supply and even the processing and packaging of it has a great deal to do with all the cancers. You may be young now and really not giving much thought to what you are eating but when you are my age the years of putting all those chemicals in to your body will catch up.
There are people who spend their lives uncovering what's safe...or eat. Food scientists of all kinds. An endocrinologist at the University of Missouri will not go near canned tomatoes. The resin lining of the tin cans contain some synthetic estrogen that reacts with the acidity of the tomatoe which is released and we eat. Microwave popcorn........chemicals in the lining of the bag migrate into the popcorn upon microwaving. I haven't had a microwave for a long time so we pop our kernels the old-fashion way in a skillet on the stove. Conventional apples. Apples are the most doused in pesticide fall fruit on the market. Because of the way they are grafted now, they don't develop resistance to pests and are sprayed a whole lot more with chemicals. The list goes on and on. Reach for alternatives. It will bring you better health....and peace of mind!

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