Thursday, February 4, 2010


I recently read an article by a specialist in the medical field that said we should all be daylighters. If we all did this we would be much healthier and save alot of energy consumption. Okay. What is a daylighter? Daylighting means you sleep with the sun. LaVern already does this so he must be very healthy! We are to get up with the sun and go to bed shortly after it sets. That means hibernating like the animals in the winter and putting in long days in the summer. I'm all for that but my sleep clock is NOT. Some people have difficulty with that also but tell of meditating during those "awake" periods during the long winter sleep months. It makes sense actually. When electricity came available everything changed. Night became day and then a day was three eight hour shifts!! Once again something that "worked" back in the "old days" was better and people were healthier. Now we depend on machines for exercise and drugs to keep us going. hmmm No wonder our health care is a mess. My thoughts for the day. Go to bed early tonight and I'll see you at sunrise.

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