Monday, March 29, 2010

Mud Season

Yes, it is here. Mud season. Although LaVern's sister (who lives in Brock NE) said that it isn't even rainy season here yet for us. This morning I made myself a "to do" list of everything I was going to get done this week.
Big mistake, I think. I started out with good intentions. Got the wood beams outside so that I could stain them. Then about half way through that project I ran out of stain. I came in to the house and LaVern was not having a productive time with the wiring. He was grumbling anyway. He went out and came back inside and said that we needed to take a break. Okay. I guess the tenant who farms the ground around us was putting fertilizer on a field. We had not yet marked our boundaries of the land we bought. So Plan B took effect immediately. With tape measure in hand and orange painted posts we tromped out into the field and started marking things off. Three hours later (noon) we finished setting the posts. At least he will be able to see where our lines are. We will put up a fence later.
We are seriously thinking about boer meat goats and or maybe a few sheep to help keep the weeds down. 8 acres is ALOT of ground. Will have to check out the auctions in our area.
Anyway, nothing marked off the list yet. I am sitting in front of the library (it's closed) and using the internet. Had to come to town for stain!!

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Melinda said...

Mud is right! Maybe we should exchange to-do lists for the week - mine hasn't changed for awhile and I'm tired of looking at! :)