Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking longer to do less

In our world today the emphasis is on multitasking and productivity. I could drive myself into a frenzy trying to do everything all at once. More and faster can sometimes be counterproductive. Talk about ending up feeling overwhelmed. LaVern tends to do this more than me. (sorry honey, but you do!) Installing the wood floor in the kitchen has turned out to be quite a task and he is concerned about everything else that needs to be done; garden tilled, garden planted, fruit trees purchased and planted, tack room to build, building to be torn down, new chicken coop built, more fence put up, and on and on. We can all relate, right? Instead of trying to squeeze more tasks into fewer moments, decide that for today you'll do a little less and take more time to enjoy what you have chosen to do. That is why we are in town and not working on the floor. He worked on the floor this morning and then with the rain we decided to come to town as couldn't work outdoors. It was satisfying to get alittle more done on the floor without interruption and not worry about the other projects. We will get to them eventually..........may have to extend our 5 year plan but that is okay. Living for today and taking joy in every moment.

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