Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls are gone, grandma rested

Thrift store finds!
Photo pillows they made themselves!

Eye masks they made & LOVED

Serious business...age 4

Flip flops they made...4 yr old learned how to tie a knot all by herself and proudly exclaimed, "I did both shoes all by myself"

Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures posted and I will have to post with more than one but want to share several. We had such a wonderful time with the girls. Besides the "spa day", we pressed flowers and made book marks (lots of book marks), sewed photo pillows (each girl had a turn on the sewing machine), sewed eye masks (scented with lavender), had a movie night (with popcorn), painted, modeled with clay, visited the thrift store for craft material (found shoes and swimsuits instead) and then finished with a grand camp out complete with swimming, canoeing, sleeping in a tent and fishing. Don't think girls can't fish!! As fast as grandpa could get a worm on a hook, they were hauling in a fish. 10 all together and Brenna snagged two at once! ha ha None wanted fish for supper however. They all helped with the meals. The two older girls were given a recipe and they put it together by themselves. I will have them back closer to Christmas so I can teach them how to make candy! Brenna, age 10, is going to be quite the seamstress. She loved to hand sew. I'll have to teach her to embroider. Oh, and did I mention that I now have dreadlocks? Sidney loves to braid hair and I've never seen anyone that can braid as fast as she can. I told her I was coming up to have her rebraid it again as I love wearing it this way. One morning ( early while camping), Brenna and I slipped out to the canoe and paddled the lake. It was priceless. She thoroughly enjoyed the quiet much like myself. We would paddle abit and then just sit and drift and absorb the sounds of the early morning. Talk about "quality" time! Can't wait until the next visit!


Melinda said...

You are one amazing Grandma! What memories you made! (Hey - can the girls and I crash the candy making lesson?!)

marcia "hasselbusch" said...

What fun you had GOOD GRANDMA!! We had grandkids here for 3 weeks this month - 1 family per week. What fun we had but now the house needs a thorough cleaning for Labor Day when everybody will be here. Curious on how you made the pillows. Sounds like a good project for my 3 granddaughters. Have fun and so enjoy your page.