Thursday, October 7, 2010

#3 of 3 Kitchen pictures

This isn't the entire kitchen! Cookstove and another cupboard yet on the end where I stood. Love my beams! LaVern is going to make a harvest (farm) table. 8 footer out of cottonwood and hedge. Will be able to seat 10 people!

I love this piece. We took an OLD hand made desk (two ends) put them together, then LaVern built it up by adding a big drawer and the top. The other side is the same!! Nice island piece and takes the place of countertops.
Still have to put an additional door here. This goes out to the mud room. Walking sticks available to use!

South end of kitchen.
Well, FINALLY I got pictures taken and posted of the kitchen!! It is finished except for the harvest table LaVern is going to make. I never would have believed that I had enough to fill a 16x36 kitchen but as you can see............I did!! ha ha This will become my favorite room, next to my wool room, of course. Tons of windows, lots of light. Who needs electricity??!!


Melinda said...

LOVE IT! Those floors are amazing and all your cool stuff is making me drool!

John and Carol said...

Looks good. You guys are doing a great job with the house.