Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lunear Eclipse

I heard on the news that like 1 million people would be looking at the eclipse and that got me to thinking. I wonder how many of my friends or family will get up to see it. Afterall, there hasn't been one since the 1600's. Okay, let's see. Possibly MS here in Iowa as she is a homeschool mom and I bet her kids would love it. My friend, Kim in Kansas would love to see it but she is not much of an early morning person. Maybe John and Carol. If we still lived in Kansas we might have gotten them together for an "eclipse viewing party". Now that would have been fun! My list is pretty thin. Did we get up to see it??? You betcha. I was up at 11:30 but it was about 1:30 AM before it was completely covered. There must have been a million stars out and it was just beautiful. Wouldn't have missed it!

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Melinda said...

Sorry to disappoint you - but his home school mom slept right through it. :( Some of the kids set alarms but slept right through them. I think Christmas at grandma's house and sleepless nights goofing off with the cousins wiped us all out!