Thursday, January 20, 2011

New things to learn

I have a list of new things to try and then I will share them. Here are a few:

1. How to make and can bologna
2. Make our own deodorant
3. How to darn socks (I received a sock darner for Christmas!!)

This is just the start but I'm going to try these first. In case you are wondering why all the blogs....I brought a couple of our Amish neighbors over to Murray, Iowa to visit some friends. One of their sons, 18 years old, lost his left arm from just below the elbow and they were going to visit him. I came on in to Osceola for a bit. Did some shopping and then found their library. I've been here for two hours already and could well stay for a couple more but must get on the road to pick them up and head home.
We had a couple inches of snow last night and it was just beautiful out this morning. So fresh and white and no tracks.
LaVern is working at a "real" job again. He is doing maintenance at a care center in Mt. Ayr which is only 12 miles from us. He is enjoying it and stepped right in and went to work since he had done it before. He only has to work 7 hours a day so he can be home before 4 and that works out nicely. I'm holding down the home front. We are working on the living room now. LaVern will get more done now on the house as he knows he only has a few hours each day and Saturday to work on it! ha ha Go figure.

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Melinda said...

Canning bologna in a jar sounds fun - let me know how it works out! Glad to hear about Lavern's job! he and Jan will have to meet for lunch sometime!