Saturday, January 8, 2011

One year anniversary

Well, it has been a year (at Thanksgiving) that we have been "homesteading" and the things I have learned! Here are just a few:

I now know what makes a "GOOD" buggy horse
What type of horseshoes Not to buy
There are big differences in lamb nipples, do NOT buy the black rubber ones
Turkeys do not look fat........but they can easily weigh 25#
Ducks eat flies
Hogs do not make money when corn is over $5.30 per bushel
Green eggs taste like the brown eggs
There just isn't anything not to like about chickens except White Rock roosters
A boer buck goat is master over all (just ask LaVern)
I am getting very good at recognizing the different species of trees by their bark
I know who to bank both stoves so that they hold a fire all night
Cooking and baking on a wood stove takes practice but I love it
Ask me about making toast on a wood stove
LaVern loves that I am an EARLY riser as then it is nice and warm when he gets up
The best crock pot ever is a wood stove and a seasoned cast iron dutch oven
All outhouses should be equipped with sawdust
One of those battery lights that you just punch to turn on is good in an outhouse
Hand sanitizer bottle is a must
$ General makes this odor eliminator that is great, especially the lavender
In the winter time take the lantern (even during the day) as it puts out great heat
Mice tend to like any reading material left out there
When backing out of the pole shed, one must remember the loader on the front of tractor
A tractor does need gas to start
There is only a certain height you can stack things in the loader
Something we should have done years ago
Recognizing the days when you can run the wringer, shop vac and LaVern's tools
I could easily not have ANY electricity. LaVern has to have it.
Feeding and putting all the animals to bed with a lantern
Moon light walks in the country
Hoggies all laid out in a row
Chicken conversations
The smell of clothes washed in a wringer and hung outside on the line
Finding that first green egg
Lambs bucking, jumping and running
Teaching grandchildren all their is to know about off grid homesteading
Camping down by the pond

My list is endless. Simple pleasures and entertainment but most importantly taking joy and peace in each and every single day.

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Melinda said...

Happy anniversary! We're so thankful you're here!