Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to start those seeds

Since LaVern is back to working full time I will have to do all the gardening this year. He and I have different "styles" of gardening. LaVern has his tape measure and level and his rows are all neat and straight. The seeds are all in the ground under the same amount of dirt. I'm the sort of throw it on the ground and kick alittle dirt on it gardener. The same holds true with my flower gardens. I love the cottage gardens of lots of mixed flowers scattered. I noticed the other day a box of garden books yet to be unpacked so I dug them out. I best have them close at hand. I told LaVern that I was going to follow the Amish women this year. Last year it was such a wet spring but they somehow got their gardens in early and had beautiful crops. They are all getting ready to start seeds so it must be time. They do follow the moon, etc. I plan on buying the new Farmer's Almanac. They do plow their gardens in the fall and we were not able to do that as we planted rye in ours to try to get the soil alittle better. Our compost pile will help also. The green house is ready, just need those seeds.

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Melinda said...

We just got our seeds planted today. The Amish ladies would roll their eyes if they saw them! We planted everything all at once! ;)