Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cloud gazing

It was about 9 pm when Reid and I left for our nightly walk. The clouds were beautiful and he commented on several. Neither of us knows anything about clouds, which have wind, rain or hail. We both saw one that looked like the seahorses that we saw at the zoo. Then the conversation turned to seahorses and how much smaller they actually were. Reid thought they would be bigger than he. It was such a beautiful night that we walked about 30 minutes and ended down by the river. Spent alittle time looking over the bridge at the water and listening to all the noise of the night. By now it is dark but the moon gave us plenty of light to see by.

We finally headed back up the road towards home. Little did we realize that the seahorse cloud had turned dark and contained thunder and lightning! Our walk soon turned into a jog! The cat had followed us the entire way! We tried to get her to stay home at the beginning of the walk but she INSISTED on coming. She was "jogging" too on the way home. Reid ran on ahead and I waited for the cat to catch up. I finally picked her up and we got home just ahead of the rain drops. I have never heard a cat pant before but Sunshine was panting like a hot dog! (so was I).

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