Friday, June 24, 2011

Final day for fair projects

This is it, the last day to get those projects done for fair! I remember those days from when I was in 4-H but I don't remember getting to do all these cool things my granddaughters are experiencing! For me it was a cooking project and a sewing project but the most time was spent on our calves. I also showed horses so additional time there. No one in my immediate family had any sewing experience so I am thankful I learned all that I did. My paternal grandmother sewed, crocheted and embroidered and I learned from her also. I remember it was difficult at times as she was left handed. She loved horses as much as I did so I never complained because in my world she was the best. Still to this day I think of her at times when I am out in the buggy or handstitching a project. I wonder what memories I am leaving for my grandchildren. I hope they include to always be kind, not to judge, make do with what you have and to take joy and seek peace in each and every day.

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Melinda said...

No worries my friend - you are leaving AMAZING memories for your grand kids. They have a grandma who loves them enough to give them her time. What a precious gift!