Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hugene Felberts

Let me introduce you to Hugene Felberts, our new rooster! Our grandson named him and I'm not sure WHERE this name came from but it seems to fit him. One of our Amish neighbors gave him to me after hearing about our racoon loss and I no longer had a rooster. I brought him home just before dark last night. I wish I could have gotten some pictures of myself and 7 small Amish children chasing this rooster all over their farm trying to catch him. We were ALL laughing as we would get him cornered and he would manage to get pass one of us. I turned him in our hen house and for a bit there was quite a ruckus as Hugene introduced himself to the girls who were trying to settle in for the night.

LaVern asked me this morning if there was a refund on the rooster! He said to take him back because the rooster is on "Amish time"! ha ha I was sleeping soundly at 4:30 this morning (unusual for me) when LaVern jumped out of bed shouting something's in the hen house. He was scrambling for the shotgun and a flashlight while I headed outside. I was fairly certain the hens were secure and I had the trap set right by the door. As soon as I got outside I realized the rooster was crowing his lungs out. By this time Reid was up with his flashlight so we all headed to the hen house. Everything was fine, hens safe and sound and Hugene crowing. LaVern and Reid went back to bed. I was up for the day!

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