Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaack!! Wired!

Oh happy days! Are here again!!
I am wired.....finally "gave in" and ordered Wildblue satellite for here at home. I was not getting in to Mt. Ayr often enough to use the library and get online. Hopefully now I'll be able to blog everyday so that family and friends will be able to keep up with what we are doing.
LaVern picked up our 8 year old grandson Reid when he was back in Nebraska. He brought his Cub scout book again this year so we have been busy working on projects already. I love doing that with him. I learn things too!
His first day here I unexpectedly was called to substitute drive the milk truck to pick up milk from the Amish. What a fun adventure! Drove to 9 different Amish farms and they loaded the milk cans. One Amish young man rode with me and guided me to the different milk houses. He and Reid had a great conversation. Reid was amazed at the whole process. I sometimes forget that "city kids" have no idea where their food comes from. Sure, he knows milk comes from the cow but had no clue the process. He got to see the milk coming from the cow, going to the station and what happens with it then. Pretty awesome experience.
We are now working on scout projects so my days will be full of fun. I think we will take the horse and buggy in to town. I'll post some pictures soon. Good to be back. Hope we are happy with Wildblue as we had to take a 2 year contract, no trial basis! The downside to living in the country!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am so happy!!! I can't wait to continue to keep you with all the happenings. Have fun with your grandson. The girls have been keeping us busy with ball practice, swimming and things of summer!! Oh What Fun!!
Kim D.

AnnasGarden said...

So glad to see you online!!! Mike and I love to visit your site and look forward to your updates... we both believe you should write a book! Have fun with Reid! We miss him! -Mike and Barbara