Sunday, June 5, 2011


A sad day yesterday as during the night a varmit (s?) got our 4 baby heritage turkeys and then the hen house was raided. We were shocked that they even were able to get in as we thought we had it secured. Not sure yet as to the number of hens that were lost but it did get my black rooster, Rastus and a favorite white Americana named Brufus. We put out a live trap last night. Didn't get the varmit but it was back as boards that were put up in front of the door were torn down. At least he didn't get in the hen house last night. I'll have to study up on the turkeys as I think they may try to hatch a second time. The duck is setting so will have to figure out something for that. Just the reality of country living with animals but still sad just the same.

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Johnnyb said...

Sorry about the chicks. Hope you catch the varmint.