Thursday, September 15, 2011


I think we may have alittle frost this morning. Too dark to see yet, even with the full moon! I was going to fire up the wood cook stove this AM but I'll have to wait for LaVern to rise as I think he wants to clean inside it just a bit. I wonder how many of you will rise and turn on the furnace this morning. I have both wood boxes filled with wood. Will get more stacked on the porch and my kindling wood bucket full. I have been gathering all sorts of candles, mostly tapers, from the thrift store. Going to try making some firestarters by filling paper egg cartons with sawdust and then you pour melted candle wax over those. Break off one egg holder when you need a starter and light it.

My plans today: hitch up the horse to the buggy and run over to my neighbors. If I have time I'll go on in to Diagonal and mail a package. Back home, leave the horse and drive to Creston with the stock trailer. Will do my errands while there and then pick up two Big totes of dry ice. This time of year our Amish neighbors' ice houses are empty so for a few weeks they rely on dry ice to cool their milk until the weather gets cold. We can only get two totes in the trailer so will be making two trips to Creston today. I have lots of recyling to take in so today will be a good day to get that done. Tomorrow's plan: getting up at 5 AM and going to Redding and pick up a horse and two Amish friends. Two more friends are going from our area and I am taking my buggy horse to an Amish buggy horse auction. There will be buyers from all over the country, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and I am certain some really NICE buggy horses. My gelding just isn't traffic safe enough to satisfy me so I'm not going to feed him this winter but look for a different horse. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to afford a horse from this sale but it will be fun to look. Kinda like window shopping at the mall!

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Melinda said...

We had a light one! Enough to frost Jan's windshield and kill off the poor watermelon that had recovered from the heat and drought. Poor thing. RIP.