Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short night~sore throat~take your vitamins

What a strange night! Acquired a sore throat yesterday evening so went to bed about 9:15 and laid awake until 11. Then I was up at midnight, 2, 4 and finally at 4:30 I just got up for the day. I may have had a little sleep between all those intervals. It will be interesting to see what I get done for today! I take a combination of flaxseed oil, fish oil and a multivitamin so maybe the recovery will be quick. Thinking of that this morning made me realize that I need to fuel my faith with spiritual vitamins; prayer, Bible reading, quiet time with God, meditation. I think when the sun comes out and the darkness of the night leaves that I will go for a long walk. It will nourish my soul and I'll get some extra Vit D!!


Anonymous said...

Went for a jog today, for the same reason, not a sore throat, but I needed some time alone with my thoughts and God. Was a little amazed that I could still jog, it's been a long time-it wasn't a fast pace, but a good mile and a half and man it did me a wonder of good!! Kim

Flu said...

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