Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's tasks done

Peanut butter cookies out of the oven
Two loads of clothes hanging on the line
Wool picked out for a new rug
Cowboy cookies stirred and ready to go in the oven
Veneer chiseled off the back of a chair and sanded
Bathroom cleaned
Chickens tended
Sanded, cleaned and repaired a small wash stand
Upstairs "junk" room rearranged
I'd like to go out and work on the mess where we tore down the old garage but my back is hurting something fierce! Kind of been oncoming and I just didn't slow down. Probably didn't help to sit on bleachers most of the day last Friday at the Standbred auction and probably won't help sitting again on bleachers this Saturday at the Maryville, MO. draft horse/mule auction! Oh boy, just had a phone call and I guess I am going to pick up a couple horses and men and take them to MO. at 5 this afternoon so I better go finish those cookies!! Take joy.

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