Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crockpot cooking

I love my crockpot! Haven't used it for a spell since I need for it to be a cool day and I can fire up my wood cook stove. This is the best crockpot, slow cook all day and I'm burning wood we gathered. Suppose to stay cool today and I had a roast to cook. Will add the potatoes, onions and carrots (from the garden) later in the day. I'm painting the ceiling of the porch today and then LaVern can start putting up the tin. TIN??? Can't wait until it is finished and then will post a picture. Hopefully still warm enough we can enjoy sitting out there a few evenings!

Today is a holiday, Sukkot, Feast of Booths. Okay, it was on my calendar and I admit that I had to look this one up. You should do the same. Peace.


Melinda said...

Yummmm...I can almost smell it cooking from here! All you need now is a fresh apple pie and some homemade yeast rolls!

Take Joy.....Take Peace said...

We actually are having fresh apple crisp! Don't think I'll get the rolls don't but paint instead! :-)