Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We use aLOT of these boxes of matches. I think there is a box or two in the teardrop trailer, another box in the RV, the barn, used to be a couple here in the house (1 or 2 by each stove). Now that the weather has turned a bit cool I decided to fire up one of the stoves. No matches. I looked all over the house and no matches. LaVern finally brought a box in the house so we could have heat. Okay, I thought. No problem. I'll just pick up a few boxes when I go to the grocery store. NOT!! I could not believe the price. I guess it has been a LONG time since I bought a box of matches. $4.35 for a package of three!!! Holy smokes!! (just had to type that) I'll be hoarding my boxes like gold! Didn't buy the three in the grocery store. Should have priced them at Sam's Club. Going to watch for them at auctions. Best keep my stove "fired up" so I don't have to relight it! Matches....a hot item I guess.

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Melinda said...

Jan hoards them. We don't even have a wood stove anymore and still he collects matches. Must be a boy scout thing - "be prepared"!