Monday, October 17, 2011

Primitive finds

Love, love, love. I am sure some of you are wondering, "you are going to do what with that"? (And are shocked that I actually paid money for them!) ha ha On a whim LaVern came home from work Friday and we hooked up our little teardrop trailer, threw some clothes in, loaded the dogs and away we went. We only drove to Shenandoah, about 1 1/2 hours away! lol Stayed overnight in a Walmart parking lot. I am so thankful the dude who started Walmart was a camping enthusiast and they still allow overnight parking there. Saturday AM we went to some friends' house, kindred primitive spirits. They were having an open house and had lots of goodies under a tent outside. It was a beautiful fall day and perfect for this. She gave us a tour of their home. LaVern stepped in and said, "oh, oh.........this is going to cost me money". ha ha She has the look that I am going for. I'm just not quite there yet but these two pieces will give you some idea. From there we started towards Council Bluffs and came upon a small town where LaVern's great great grandfather is buried. He has never been to the grave but his mother and sister had. There was a funeral procession driving out of town so we decided that since we had time we would look up the grave. We drove out of town a ways but didn't see the cemetary so LV went back to the gas station and asked a fellow standing there where the cemetary was. He gave him directions, about 5-6 miles out of town so off we went again. Found the cemetary and started looking for the grave. It was quite a big cemetary and we could not find the grave so LV first called his sister. She gave him the approximate location. Still couldn't find it. So he called his mother and got more directions. Still couldn't find it. Called his mother again. Still couldn't find it. After about two hours of searching we gave up and went on to Council Bluffs. I must have needed a little city shopping as I had a great time (even at Menard's). We shopped and shopped and finally at 3 pm I told LV I had to get something to eat as no lunch. He took me to Olive Garden (my favorite and he will eat there)! After some food we were able to continue on shopping. (I had a big list). Finally at 8 pm we called it quits. LV's eyes were bothering him so instead of driving home we found a Walmart and pulled in. Got some drops for his eyes and called it a day. More shopping on Sunday and then we finally drove home, shopped out and had our fill of city. Later in the evening LV got online and looked up the town where the cemetary is located. Yup, as you may have already guessed.........we were in the wrong cemetary!! There were no signs there stating the name of it so we had no idea we were not in the right cemetary. This one is south and the one we should have been at is north of town in the country. ha ha At least we can say there are no Burtis' buried in the Thurman cemetary south of Tubor. We were determined to find that grave because after all, LV's 85 year old mother found it so why couldn't we!!! Needless to say, we are going back in a couple weeks and finding that grave!

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