Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mouse in the house

I find it very interesting that when I went in to my search engine, Dogpile, and searched the word "mouse" that the entire first page was for the computer mouse. I had to search before I found something about the common house mouse. I guess it's just where we are today. Anyway, there is a new mouse in our house and guess which one!

The trouble with having a laptop, wireless internet and wireless MOUSE is that the mouse gets dropped occasionally......mmmmm....maybe more than that. I know, we can forego the mouse and use the keypad but neither of us likes doing that. And so the mouse is dropped and put back together. After a recent mouse dropping (lolol) I noticed that a few little things were not working properly on the computer. Couldn't use the arrow and keep the sound volumn up, in favorites I couldn't arrow up and click on anything. I said to LaVern that I thought it must be the mouse or else we had a virus. He said the mouse was "working" so we must have a virus. Not sure how long we've had the old mouse so I decided to try that first. It's been a while since I purchased a mouse as I was shocked at the $25 price tag but the mouse came home with me anyway. To make the story short, everything is working properly now with the new mouse in the house.

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