Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last year we fed out some hogs and because corn was so high at the time we were not going to make any money by selling them. We decided to give our sons a hog each for Christmas but they would have to either butcher it themselves or pay their own processing. They all pitched in and butchered their hogs and loved their gift. It worked out great because they were able to do that over Thanksgiving when they had extra days off. We didn't feed any out this year and a couple months ago one of the boys asked if I could find a fat hog he could buy as he sure would like to put one in the freezer again. It helped them tremendously on their grocery bill. I have searched and searched but kept coming up empty. Finally turned it over to the Lord and forgot about it. Instead I have been stock piling groceries when things were on sale planning on giving each family that. I got a call from an Amish fellow needing rides this week for his work crew. It ends up taking about two hours round trip and usually I don't like to do those but thought the extra cash would be great towards those groceries. We visited during the ride and lo and behold I find out one guy has hogs ready. Imagine that. Today I will barter for those hogs and once again the boys will butcher over Thanksgiving. I called them last night and they were thrilled. Wait until Christmas and they get the groceries!! lol Provided just by turning it over to Him. (you got to love the timing)

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