Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My recent Amish adventure

Bobcat Under a Bucket

On an adventure we went

One cloudy December day.

My neighbor said "I caught one"

And what were we to say.

We had no idea

What we even could do.

It was a bobcat he trapped,

Mad and mean clear through.

The children gathered 'round

As they came to watch the show.

Five girls and two boys

All standing in a row.

"Put a bucket over that bobcat",

I heard one of the men hail.

Then he reached up under that bucket

And touched the cat's tail.

Growling bobcat under a bucket

Two front feet in a trap.

Someone released those booties

And we all jumped back.

The scared bobcat raced off

Into the nearby woods.

Not once did he look back

He'll be gone for good.

The lesson of this story

And let it be one that is told.

A bucket over a bobcat

Is quite a sight to behold!

1 comment:

Melinda said...

No way! A bobcat under a bucket?! That is an epic poem and adventure! Laura is jealous.