Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drop Perfectionism

I think it is one thing to love excellence; it's another thing to drive yourself crazy attempting to be perfect. You may tell yourself nobody is perfect, but do you really believe it? If you are too hard on yourself chances are you will be hard on someone else. Relax. Enjoy the process. I think perfectionism is just another way of trying to control life and I am here to tell you that life is much larger than my limited ideas of what it should be! lol We should all drop our unmet expectations and embrace the serendipities of life. Celebrate the grace of imperfection: a rusty pail, old worn quilt, hooked rug with a crooked row. Striving for excellence motivates us but striving for perfection is going to drag you down. Take joy in the your accomplishments and be inspired to move forward. (don't forget to pay it forward to the next person!!)

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John said...

rersallPaying it forward has been a part of our lives for many years. It has always been a good feeling to do it. I will write you an e-mail on some of our experiences.