Friday, February 10, 2012

Selling the American Dream (nightmare)

LaVern's grandmother Burtis lived to be 102 and she still lived at home. She did finally move off the farm in to an apartment in town but not until she was in her late 80s I believe. When she was 100 a few of her grandchildren did a little "mini interview" with her. The thing I remember foremost was the question of during her 100 years and all the changes during that time, what was the single thing that she thought change life the most. Her answer, electricity. The following is a portion out of the book, Surviving Off Off-Grid by Micahel Bunker:
"Think of it. Electricity was easy to sell, and the American dream hinged on it. It was probably one of the easiest sales jobs ever. With electricity in your house and barn you won't have to produce, make, store or buy candles, fat, or kerosene. Imagine walking up and pulling on a chain and having your room flooded with light! Think of getting up at night to go to the restroom, and not having to light a candle or lantern. Then, think of all the things you can do now that it won't be dark all night. Your day can start earlier and end later! Think of all the time you will save! (ching, ching! goes the time bank) And, if you already have power coming to your house to provide electric light, why not think of what a refrigerator will do for you.....and a freezer.....and a washer and dryer, and an iron, and an electric stove. I mean, you already have electricity, why would you deny yourself the good things in life? All of these can be added for a nominal fee, and each (on its own) is relatively cheap to operate. And if you cannot afford them all right now, you can get credit at the store or from the manufacturer. You can pay it off by the month in easy payments. Of course, you'll have to work harder and longer hours, but that should be easy with all that electric light at your fingertips. If it gets to the point where your farm will not support all the new payments you've accrued, you can always get a job in town......but you'll need a car....and insurance.....and your taxes will go up so you can have a nice road to drive on....but then, your wife can get a job too."
Think about when there is a storm and you loose that electricity for a few days.

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