Monday, February 13, 2012

Tagged with questions

I was tagged by John at The Simple Life blog with 11 questions so here goes:

  1. What is your favorite place in the world?.......any hiking trail be it on the Continental Divide, the Natchez Trail or even just east of the homeplace along the river.

  2. Who is your favorite person?.....Jesus

  3. I'm happiest when?.....I am holding hands with my best friend/husband, LaVern

  4. Most admired public figure of the past 100 years?....could be several but today I will say Tasha Tudor

  5. My first job was......babysitting but then waitress at A&W on roller skates, outside

  6. I am most at peace when.........I'm at peace every day and takin joy

  7. Who has inspired you the most between 6 and 18 years of age? paternal grandmother

  8. I wanted to grow up to be.......a park ranger or cowboy on a ranch in Montana

  9. Favorite movie........can't nail this one down, too many; Forest Gump, Spies Like Us, Pelican Brief, The Replacements, Swiss Family Robinson, Pale Rider, Jumpin Jack Flash, John Wayne and the Cowboys, Flashback, Sleepless in Seattle, Wild America, Somethings Got to Give, Down Periscope.....

  10. Favorite type of music.....again, like all music but enjoy Brule', Anugama and Enya for easy listening

  11. Best life-changing decision made............trusting God for everything in my life

Well, that was thought inspiring and fun. Kind of gets you to look at the priorities in your life! Thanks, John.

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Melinda said...

A waitress at A & W on roller skates?! What a cool job!