Friday, April 6, 2012

Owyn, The Corgi Rug

3 feet x 3 1/2 big rug! AND he was hooked with all wide cuts, 3/4 inch cuts or alittle bigger! The rug is so soft. Like stepping on really nice carpeting which is going to feel good next winter, upstairs in our unheated bedroom on wood floors. The colors are not showing up well on my PC but Owyn's coloring is just like he is, kind of an orange and then there are lots of muted reds, greens, plum, brown in the background. For all you rug hookers, if you have never hooked a wide cut you really should try it! I hand tore all my strips and it was fun hooking. Owyn is going to love laying on this rug.


Orange Sink said...

Hi Carolyn,
I LOVE your Owyn rug! The background is wonderful and I can imagine how plushy it feels underfoot or under dog! Did you cut the strips with a cutter or by hand? Have a wonderful Easter!
Cathy G

Carolyn said...

Hi Cathy,
He really is plush. I tore the strips by hand and love how they came out, kind of gives it a worn look which was what I was after. Been following you also! lol Isn't it funny how we all "find" each other? I love it. wooly hugs back to ya