Friday, May 25, 2012

Floor is finished

The floor to the Sheep Shed is installed!  Hooray!  It is all used pine tongue/groove flooring and was quite a task to install.  LaVern has the wall laid out on the floor next to the trailer and is ready to construct the it on the trailer once we determine the placement of windows and doors.  Can't wait for you to see the doors, salvage, of course but perfect for this moving booth.   
Here is a picture of the chicken feeder that LaVern made.  I love it!  Doesn't take up any space and will be easy to keep clean.  I was using the old wood chicken feeder with the perches but this is so much better.  I love it when other people come up with these great ideas!!  My hens love them too!

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Robin said...

We had chickens years ago on the farm...I wish hubby or I had thought of a feeder like that...What an inspired craftsman he is !!