Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Common sense right out the window

Sometimes I amaze myself with the things I do that make no sense at all.  Yesterday was the hottest day for us so far this year, 98 with a heat index of over 100.  The wind was blowing about 20 mph which ended up being a good thing.  There has been a pile of hay in the barn since we bought the place (3 years ago) and it was on my "to do" list to get hauled out to the compost pile.  Now I say it was hay but it really was the leftover mess from hay that was baled, mostly dust.  So what did I do?  Yup, let's move that hay today!  4 BIG pickup loads were hauled out.  My Amish young man, who comes over to work periodically, showed up and between the two of us we got it done in three hours.  We both were coughing and sweating.  It was nasty, dirty work.  I already have a bit of sinus infection which I got last weekend when we were in Illinois and camped near the river.  I have to be allergic to some tree or plant.  Anyway the dust just added to it!  I was up at 3 AM this morning with a screeching sinus headache.  I'll keep after it with the netti pot and hopefully it will clear up  soon.  The barn sure looks nice!  I have been picking up a few small things for the Sparks antique show so now I have a place to store them!  LaVern said, "You keep this up and you'll get the entire barn cleaned yet"!  Today I am taking the Sheep Shed flatbed in to town to the coop and weighing it.  LaVern wants an idea as to how much weight it is before he adds the sides.  He has the two long sides ready to go on and just has the two ends to build.  Once the sides are on he will put the roof on and side everything.  Had a blast with the grandsons while they were here.  I'll blog later on that.  Had a bunch of pictures of them but they were erased from the camera.  Not sure how that happened so I'll just have to share the memories.  Stay cool.

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