Friday, July 6, 2012

Heat wave

They are telling us that this heat wave is going to break by Monday and I will be glad for that.  Not up to 100 yet today but it was yesterday.  It is really dry here and the crops are showing the stress.  Even the animals are suffering.  My neighbor Lillian said she lost a couple fryers due to the heat.  I let our hens out fairly early so that they can find cooler shelter in the pole shed.  Put a fan on the floor and the dogs lay in front of it.  I open the house up at night and then shut it up about 9 or 10 in the AM.  It actually isn't too bad as long as you don't try to do anything!  lol  So far sleeping out on the deck is working out well.  I don't think LaVern will be ready to come inside to sleep until fall! 
LaVern had the 4th off so we went to Jamesport, MO. to a huge Amish consignment auction.  I'm not sure how many acres it covered but they had 7 rings going!!!  Long, long rows of stuff and a pickup or haywagon pulled by a team, went down a row with the auctioneer crying.  You can imagine how big it was with 6 rings going at the same time.  The 7th crew auctioned two big circus tents that had 12 hay wagons full and then stuff lined up on both sides of the wagons!  They started at 8 AM and finished the tents at 6 PM!  There had to have been at least 200 wringer wash machines!!  The old kind that my mother would have used back in the 1950's.  Some of those sold for $400!  There must have been 200 pressure canners and lots of butter churns.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it until the end as it was so hot.  About 1 PM I thought I was going to have to quit and come home but I got under a tent, put a neck cooler on and just rested.  Felt better then and stayed until the end.  I took 2 gallons of water, several Gatorades and some soda and LaVern and I drank all of that!  I have been going to auctions every weekend as I need inventory for the next show in September.  I don't think there is anything worth driving to this weekend so I will be happy to stay home and maybe work on some of the things I picked up.  Too hot to be out in the barn so LaVern goes out early in the AM to work on the trailer.  Next week we are to be in the 80's during the day and upper 60s at night.  That will be wonderful and the house will cool down then.  Hope you are staying cool where you are at!

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