Thursday, June 26, 2008


Welcome! This is all new to me so you will have to be patient. Not sure why I am doing this actually. Probably because a great place to share with other people. A good friend in Canada blogs and I love going to his site and reading. If you have a chance check him out. Anyway, my camera is not working (or possibly I moved something in error) so will have to wait for more pictures.
My thought for today: know that you have enough, is to be rich.


Sherrie said...

Good Job Auny Carolyn!

Carolyn said...

Thanks. cI can see where this is going to be habit forming!! lol Came down to the office this evening just to check! lol luv ya

Larry Mack said...

How cool, got the blog address from the better half so I thought I would check it out. Looks good!
Keep it going and I will keep a checkin it LOL

Larry the Lock Guy