Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vintage trailer

Thought you might enjoy a picture of one of our canned ham travel trailers. We took our 5 year old grandson to the Black Hills a few weeks ago. What a wonderful trip! Beautiful area and so much to see and do. Reid loved camping and is ready to go again. We hiked, cooked out with the dutch ovens, visited a wind cave but he was the most excited and interested in Mt. Rushmore. I highly recommend the area as a place to visit.


kg said...

That is one COOL trailer!!! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

We do too! This is a 1955 Hobbyline, complete rebuild from frame up. LV is currently restoring a 1958 Siesta, again from the frame up. Then we have a 1959 Oasis, curved cabinetry inside. I'll post pictures later. Thanks. They are great fun to camp in. Carolyn

Peter Cumberland said...

At last....a Hobbyline! I was beginning to think they only made one...the one I bought recently.I haven't been able to find any info on this manufacturer or how to determine the year it was built.

Mine was advertised as a 1950 but I have no idea whether that is true. The owner had it registered as a "1996 homebuilt...probably because he had no info of any value from the person he bought it from either.

Yours looks great!. The skin on mine has many dents so I think I will have to re-skin it...but don't think I can get that unique relief pattern.

If you have any info on this manufacturer, where to find the serial number etc or any advice about re-building it ( I've never done it before) I would be most grateful.

I intend to completely re-built it from the floor up and tow it behind my ( modified) 1949 Chevrolet pickup.

I joined Google just so I could contact you. So this is all new to me. Once I figure out the ins and outs of blogging I will post some pictures of my Hobbyline.


Peter Cumberland
British Columbia

Mary said...

We were feeling the same. There not a lot of info on the Hobbyline. We just bought one that's titled as a 1954. Yours is beautiful! We just stripped off all the rolled on paint and are trying to find some original pictures to restore true to color. Thank you for sharing.

Nachs said...

My grandfather owned the company that built these trailers. They were built in St Paul, MN and then New Richland. I know we have some original brochures.

brendab said...

Oh my goodness!
My husband and I JUST bought a 1956 Hobbyline and have been searching and searching for any info on it! Husband grew up in the St. Paul area so was pretty excited that it was made there. We had never heard of the brand until this one popped up on Craigslist. Nachs, I would love to see any brochures or anything about the company your grandfather owned. And anyone else on this thread, I'd love to exchange photos! I would pop one on here, but not exactly sure how to do so within the blog.

Nachs said...

Sorry I posted, checked back for a few weeks and saw nothing so gave up. I know it's a year later now. If you are still interested in pictures I can post a pic of the brochure.