Friday, July 11, 2008

Full Moon

Since a full moon is upcoming next Friday and last night was the first quarter moon I once again gave thought to the full moon and strange behavior. I am one of those "strange, wierd" persons that I swear the full moon affects. Any given month I can tell you approximately when there will be a full moon without looking at the calendar. Ask LaVern!! I can NOT sleep when a full moon is upcoming. Usually it is only 3-4 days prior but this month it has started early. Up at 4 AM on Thursday and this morning it was 2 AM. Yikes! I am wide awake and can not go back to sleep. So I get up and find something quiet to do as LaVern is sleeping away! My understanding is that studies have been done as to why this happens to some people, even animals. “Since the gravitational effect from the moon controls the tides in the oceans and humans are mostly water (70% or so), is it safe to think that the moon could actually have some effect on us?” A good night's sleep for me is 6 hours so a few nights a month of only 4-5 hours is okay. Look at it this way, more hours in the day for those things I enjoy. I finished three small rugs this AM with binding for granddaughters, had a cup of spiced chai tea, sat in the quiet and listened. It is well with my soul.


David said...

I noticed your blog link at Craigs place so stopped by for a visit, or should I say a breath of fresh air and a bit of rest. NWKAN is a great place. Resided there on a couple of occasions. How's the fishing at Norton Lake these days?

D & S
Way down south on the Gulf Coast.

Carolyn said...

Greetings! NW Kansas is a great place. We are enjoying our stay (13 years) thus far. I'd have no problem going elsewhere however. We have some good friends that are the camp hosts at Norton and they tell me the fishing is good. We tend to primitive camp and hike more than fish!
Thanks for visiting...door is always open.. CB