Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Wind

In human civilization, wind has inspired mythology, changed the course of history, expanded the range of transport and warfare, and provided a power source for mechanical work, electricity, and recreation.
Now I am sure you are wondering what THIS post is all about! Sometimes I wonder about my "wandering" mind. Have you noticed that the ONE topic that all people can talk about is the weather? Even if it is a total stranger, chances are good you will talk about the weather with them. Right now the chances are pretty good that sometime today someone will mention the California fires and their temperatures of over 100 degrees. Just this morning at the grocery store an acquaintance said to me, "This humidity is terrible but at least the wind isn't blowing." I LOVE the wind! Wierd, I know but let me share with you something I found years ago and have kept in my journal. I hope the next time the wind is blowing, it will cause you to stop and ponder this:
The Wind
I sit in the silence of my own mind.
Where there is no silence that I can hear.
I look all about me and yet see nothing for what I seek is unseeable.
Who am I, and where am I going?
I seek something that is constant, something that is stable.
Yet all about me is instability.
As I sit, I wait, as I wait, I listen.
Then I realize that there is one thing that I have missed.
For I have not seen it.
It is the wind, and it is always there.
It may be soft and peaceful, or at times, an all powerful force.
Even when people say there is no wind today.
I know that it is still there, we have just failed to know it.
This wind is sometimes called the Spirit of God.
It moved upon the face of the earth even before God created man.
It is the very breath of God.
We may not see Him, or sense His presence, but He is there.
If we but seek Him, we can find Him.
If we can be still in our hearts, we can hear Him.
Listen to the Wind.

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