Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Your Turn

LaVern has been gone all week to his nephew's in Nebraska. He is remodeling a bathroom for them. He is staying at his sister's house while she is gone. Even though we miss each other I think we both recognize that spending time alone erases stress also. Wandering, daydreaming and thinking of nothing at all doesn't cost anything, isn't complicated nor consuming. If today you made a list of everything you've given to your family, spouse, friends, boss, pets, whatever and whoever, I would imagine your list would be long. Now make a list of what you did for yourself today? Would it equal what you gave to everyone else? Make time for yourself today, one simple indulgence. My older sister emailed me a recipe for a mocha frappachino this morning. I can't wait to get home tonight, put the dogs outside, light a favorite candle and curl up in my favorite chair with a cup. Savor the silence. You are probably thinking it is 103 degrees outside why something hot to drink? I'll just turn the AC down to 68 and enjoy!!

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